Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well..I have decided to jump on the bandwagon of blogs! Since almost everyone in the family has them, I thought I'll just give in! I'm in orem now working and going to school off and on. I work at 24 hour fitness, which is nice because I get a free membership and benefits, and the Music School in American Fork. If i go full time there I can get free private lessons on any instrument. I enjoy my jobs and I'm trying to enjoy school. I'm almost done with my associates degree...finally. I'm planning on certifying to be a personal trainer within this year and as I'm working as a CPT I'll be getting my bachelor's degree in exercise science. That's the plan anyway.. for now. I am hating this snow, and wishing I was back home during the winter time. I have thought about partaking in winter sports this year ie: snowboarding...but..I just need to find some people to go that can teach me how to do it. In my spare time I am working my behind off at the gym...literally. I'm probably going to be doing the half marathon in August and I'm sure a bunch of 5 & 10 K's once it starts warming up here! Well, that's it for now...As soon as something exciting happens..I'll post it...but..let's not hold our breath here.